Duke of URL: Windows Meets Linux – WinLinux 2000

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for this link. ]

“With Linux growing in popularity, everyone wants to try it on.
That includes those Windows users who don’t really know if they’re
ready for the dual-boot setup or users who aren’t quite sure yet if
Linux is for them. Good news — there may be a product for those

“That product is WinLinux 2000. WinLinux 2000 works a little
like Phat Linux or Win4Lin4 in the aspect that no partitioning is
necessary and you can use your current FAT16 or FAT32 fileysystem
as Linux’s native filesystem without any problems.
just as you may guess, there are obvious trade-offs, just as their
are in products like VMware, VirtualPC, and Bochs, which, while
they are simply emulators or virtual machines, share much in common
with WinLinux 2000 — more than you may think.”

“Linux is here to stay in every way, shape, and form. This may
very well be the new wave of Linux distributions, but this wave of
new ideology has a way to go before it can match the usability of a
real Linux system. Does WinLinux 2000 bridge that gap, or end up
tearing it down? Read on to find out.”

[ Story in small parts spread across multiple pages

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