DukeOfURL: Tribes 2 Linux Preview

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“If you talk to any gamer these days, odds are one game that
comes up is Dynamix’s Tribes 2. After several years in the making,
Tribes 2 is almost here and is currently in beta testing. The
testing is nearing a close, and this has become very obvious with
the rock-solid stability of the seemingly young Linux beta. With
NDAs being lifted, it’s about time the public finally got a chance
to see what all this hard work has materialized into.”

“Currently, Tribes 2 is at Beta 9, and is nearing a very stable
and very close to final version. The version used for this review
was Beta 9 and Beta 8 for Linux, both of which were extremely
stable, thanks to Loki’s diligent efforts on Tribes 2. Even with
the former project maintainer gone, Loki’s Sam Lantinga has somehow
managed to keep up with the Windows code and at the moment, the
Windows versions and Linux versions are competely sync-ed. Both
Quake III and Unreal Tournament users found the discrepancies in
versions to be a problem at times, so I’m sure many Tribes 2
players are hoping Loki steps up their level of dedication to this
highly-awaited port. If the dedication they’ve shown to the beta
test is any indication, I think it will be good news for Tribes 2
players on Linux.”

…Even in beta, Tribes 2 has proved to be worth the long
wait for both Linux and Windows users alike. Linux users may need
to wait a couple weeks before getting their hands on a version, but
nevertheless can be assured a stable and fast release shortly after
Tribes 2 for Windows hits the retail stands.

[ Story is eight pages in length. ]

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