E-Commerce Times: E-Commerce and Linux Come Together by ‘Magic’

“Magic Software Enterprises (Nasdaq: MGIC) unveiled the latest
version of its e-commerce server Friday, a product powered by the
Red Hat, Inc…distribution of the red-hot Linux operating system

“The Magic Enterprise Server v.8.3, which will ship in October,
features the ability for e-commerce developers working on other
platforms to port their existing business solutions to Linux. This
feature, according to Magic, could compel more e-commerce
professionals to deploy Linux-based solutions for their online
business operations…”

Because Linux is such a reliable Internet operating system,
we expect developers will take advantage of this offering to port
their e-commerce and other enterprise-level solutions to the
platform to enjoy all of the benefits of a scalable Web-enabled
,” commented Magic CEO Jack Dunietz. He added that
the “Magic for Linux Enterprise Server v.8.3 is just the next step
in Magic’s continuing commitment to the Linux operating