E-Commerce Times: Linuxcare Assists Sun With Star Acquisition

Sun Microsystems, Inc…seeking to add value to its highly
analyzed acquisition of StarDivision, recently tapped Linuxcare,
Inc. to provide service and support for its new StarOffice
productivity suite offering.

“Under terms of the agreement, Linuxcare will supply technical
support for both developers and end-users of StarOffice for Linux,
along with custom development, training and enterprise integration
services. “Collaborating with Sun to deliver a complete Linux
productivity solution represents a positive step forward in an
expanding relationship that will bring significant benefits to
enterprise Linux environments,” commented Linuxcare president and
CEO Fernand Sarrat.”

“A central component of Sun’s new plan — based on Fremont,
California-based StarDivision’s product — is the StarPortal
initiative, which will bring free word processing, presentation
graphics, spreadsheet and other office software features to anyone
with a Web browser. The suite will also be available as a free
download, with minor royalty fees applying to corporate users.”