E-Commerce Times: Mainsoft Brings Windows To Linux

“Business software solutions provider Mainsoft Corp. is moving
its MainWin product, a Windows platform developed for UNIX, to the
realm of the Linux open-source operating system (OS). …expected
to be offered in a commercial version toward the end of the first
quarter of 2000, will allow users to re-host Windows NT
applications on Linux.”

“MainWin’s ability to leverage a single source code across
several platforms, along with the intrinsic customization of Linux
itself will serve to push the open-source solution further into the
corporate market, according to Mainsoft. As a potential incentive
for businesses — including e-commerce operations — to choose
MainWin for Linux, the company also cites figures indicating that
some 100,000 applications currently run on the Windows NT

‘Solutions making it possible to re-host this software
without requiring extensive retraining of developers or expensive
and time consuming rewrites is an important step toward
considering Linux as a mainstream commercial operating
environment,’ stated Dan Kusnetzky,
program director for the
International Data Corp. (IDC) operating environments and
serverware services group.”

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