E-Commerce Times: The New Linux World Order

“As Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) muddles forward in its Pyrrhic
struggle against the U.S. government, Linux continues to encroach
upon the company’s sacred Windows NT market space. Given
Microsoft’s well-documented aggressive business style, many
analysts are bracing for another colossal battle as the software
titan hunkers down to undercut the open source movement.”

“Building upon its September 1999 acquisition of UNIX firm
Softway Systems, Microsoft is fusing its Interix product line with
the upcoming release of Windows Services for UNIX (SFU), according
to several published reports.”

“While SFU is designed to address Windows 2000 and UNIX
interoperability issues, Interix is a bridge from Windows to UNIX
and UNIX variant environments. It seems that the intent underlying
the product integration is to persuade users that they can cut
their losses by migrating operations to Windows.”