Educational-Oriented Escuelas Linux 6.12 Distro Released with LibreOffice 7.1, New Note-Taking Software

Escuelas Linux 6.12 comes three months after Escuelas Linux 6.11, but it’s not your usual maintenance update. In fact, the developers promise a fully updated system that offers users access to the all the latest and greatest open source software and GNU/Linux technologies, including LibreOffice 7.1 and new note-taking software. 

Escuelas is also more stable, reliable, and secure than ever before. On the downside, Fully updating the entire system required he ISO image to grow considerably. However, the developers managed to keep its size at an acceptable level by removing some of the old, unmaintained, and unpopular apps from the installation media, including Adobe Reader, Avidemux, BlueGriffon, Caph, Choqok, FisicaLab, Google Earth, Hugin, Kino, Kstars, Pidgin, Termograf, and FreeOffice.