EE Times: Intel dials up its systems future

[ Thanks to Thomas for
this link. ]

The September 6, 1999 issue of the EE Times has an article about
Intel’s Merced plans, and how Intel demonstrated Linux running on a
real Merced last week (not a simulator).

“[ At last week’s forum] Intel officials compared Merced’s
performance bump over the Pentium III with the quantum leap in
processing power that occurred in 1986, when the 80386 arrived and
promptly upstaged the 286.”

“Intel president and CEO Craig Barrett kicked off the
Merced-fest during his keynote speech, when he demonstrated a
workstation platform, equipped with the processor, running Windows
2000 as well as Linux.”

“The electrical and mechanical specs for Merced and its
cartridge are still available only under nondisclosure, but Intel
indicated that the spec may be made public in January, to foster
the development of Linux-based systems around Merced.”