EE Times: Programming offers just the ticket for job seekers

“The revolution always eats its own, and it was only a matter of
time before the free-source movement begot by Linus Torvalds
succumbed to the shining lure of the great bull market. The
commercialization of Linux is now complete with the news that Red
Hat Software Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) has announced its
plans to go public-and in the process make many of its employees
rich beyond measure. Though it may be too late to get in on the
company’s initial public offering, which was announced in early
June, it’s not impossible to find work there.”

“Red Hat is looking for a systems engineer with two years of
experience in Linux, an independent software vendor-relations
coordinator with Linux and C savvy and other jobs for software

“VA Linux Systems (Sunnyvale, Calif.), another “IPO-track” Linux
company, has a bundle of openings, including a slot for a senior
software designer with a BS or MS in computer science, OS design
skills and a background in computer systems architecture, interface
design and at least five years of experience in software
development. VA also needs a product designer, a kernel developer,
a software project manager and a person with a strong background in
graphics. On the hardware side, the company is looking for a senior
developer with five or more years of experience in high-performance
microprocessors, interface design, power conversion, SCSI hard
disks and computer-systems architecture.”