EE Times: The real-time Linux world unites on API

“Marking another milestone in development of its first 64-bit
chip, Intel Corp. last month began shipping prototype systems based
on the processor to OEMs and operating system vendors.”

“The chip, formerly code-named Merced and now called Itanium, is
the first processor in Intel’s 64-bit architecture (IA-64) for
high-end servers and workstations. Itanium is scheduled for
production in mid-2000, with initial systems available at about the
same time….”

“This quarter, Intel will release the Trillian group from
non-disclosure agreements, Curry said. The Trillian group is a
team of OEMs and Linux distributors working on a version of Linux
for IA-64. The source code will be released so a broad base of
Linux developers can work with it, he said.