EE Times: XML draft addresses post-PC world

“Preparing for what many believe will be a post-PC world, the
World Wide Web Consortium’s HTML Working Group has completed a
draft follow-on to Hypertext Markup Language 4.0 that targets
handheld and TV-based devices. The Extensible Markup Language (XML)
aims to make Web content more accessible on a diversity of non-PC
platforms and thus has become a focal point for TV and
wireless-data efforts.”

“The goal is to solve the growing problem of content
interoperability across platforms.”

“Existing HTML pages tend to have lots of markup errors,” said
Dave Raggett, an editor for the HTML working group. “Developers
take this attitude: ‘If [the content] looks O.K. on my browser it’s
good enough, isn’t it?'”

“If the industry can’t clean up this mess now,” Raggett said,
“the ability to repurpose Web content to a wide variety of device
capabilities will be greatly compromised.”