Effects of the Reiser Trial

Between the Lines: ReiserFS: The Open Source File System

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“While Namesys’ ReiserFS, of which Hans Reiser was the primary
programmer and lead designer was not the pre-dominant journaled
file system used on Linux systems, it was praised for its stability
and performance, and was and still is the default file system on
the second most popular enterprise Linux distribution, SuSE Linux
Enterprise Server (SLES). ReiserFS was also included in the
‘upstream’ Linux kernel maintained by Linus Torvalds because it
shares the same license, GPL version 2. ReiserFS is also popular on
Debian-based systems as well.

“SuSE and Debian use ReiserFS version 3, a stable and proven
version of the code that has been sitting mostly fallow for some
time, and is maintained with bugfixes on a best effort


Practical Technology: Was Reiser Really Found Guilty of Being a

“I don’t know if Hans Reiser, creator of the well-regarded,
open-source ReiserFS (Reiser File System), is actually guilty of
the murder of his estranged wife, Nina Reiser. We can’t actually
even be sure that Nina Reiser was murdered. Her body was never
found and Reiser’s attorney argued that she may have returned to
her native Russia…

“I don’t see it. I’ve just gone over the case’s history as
recorded in the San Francisco Chronicle and other sites. I could
see the jury finding him guilty of manslaughter. I can buy them
agreeing on a lesser charge of murder, but first degree? But,
finding him guilty of first degree murder, with nothing but
circumstantial evidence, and not even very strong circumstantial
evidence at that? That surprised me…”

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