Effort begun to write press release for kernel 2.2.0

    From: Jonathan Corbet <[email protected]>
 Subject: 2.2.0 press release?
    Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:15:38 -0700
      To: [email protected]

Previous stable kernel releases have seen a press release drafted on this
list.  I've not seen any such effort this time around, and I've actually
*read* most of the flood that has poured through here recently.  

The mainstream media has already made it clear that they're interested in
covering this kernel release.  Having a reasonably written press release
for them to read would likely improve the quality of that reporting
considerably.  Is anybody working on such a thing?

Of course, having raised the issue, I should now step forward to try to
address it :-).  I am actually willing to give it a shot, but there's no
way I can make a start on it until next week.  Depending on how quickly
Linus wants to move, that could be pushing the timing pretty hard.



Jonathan Corbet, Eklektix, Inc.
[email protected]