Ensim Entrapid Educational Release

As posted to C.O.L.A.

Ensim is pleased to announce the release of the Entrapid 1.5 Network
Service Creation Environment to the academic community and research
laboratories at no charge. The release can be downloaded from
http://www.ensim.com/education/. A paper describing this work is
available at this website and will be presented in March at IEEE

Entrapid lets users create, in a single user-level process, an entire
network of virtual machines that each run an OS kernel. This
uniquely allows students and researchers to design, implement, and
test a broad range of protocols and services in a validated,
controlled, and highly customizable setting.

o Each virtual kernel supports a full network stack from sockets to
   device driver.
o Users can run the identical network programs on a real network and on
   the virtual network.
o Enables user-space development of kernel-level protocols such as TCP,
   UDP, and IP
o Open and well-documented APIs
o Clean, extensible visualization tool to animate the behavior of
   complex protocols
o Accompanied by a set of tried-and-tested simulation exercises that
   provide hands-on instruction in services such as routing,
   error-control, and multiple access.
o Fully documented with step-by-step tutorials, detailed instruction

Ensim provides online email support of the Entrapid Educational Release
at [email protected]om as well as a discussion newsgroup
at http://www.dejanews.com/~entrapid.

S. Keshav
CTO, Ensim Corp.                        http://www.ensim.com