ENT Magazine: Linux, Linux: Enough Already

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“Okay, I’m willing to believe that Linux is breaking out of its
stronghold in dorm rooms… But what I can’t believe is that Linux
is any kind of serious threat to the growth of Windows NT.”

“Linux is fundamentally another Unix. Why should it be any more
of a threat to NT than is, say, Solaris? One potential answer,
obviously, is that Linux boxes are cheaper… But for
enterprises… the price of the system itself is a small part of
the longer-term cost. Ultimately, Linux systems are only a little
bit cheaper, and for an enterprise, who cares?”

“I don’t doubt the dedication or the talent of those volunteers.
What I, on occasion, do doubt is their sanity. They are producing a
valuable thing, and they’re just giving it away…. These
enthusiastic Linux developers seem in some ways exploited, in that
someone else is deriving the economic value produced by their

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