Enterprise Computing: Intel funds move to boost Linux on Pentium

“Linux got a serious shot in the arm with news that it will
benefit from an Intel-funded effort to add support for Pentium MMX
and Pentium III instructions.”

“Cygnus and Intel announced that core Linux programming tools
will gain support for the Pentium MMX instructions and optimization
for Intel’s chip architecture. In addition, Cygnus has begun work
on bringing the Pentium III’s new SSE instructions to Linux, and
early versions of those improvements will begin emerging in the
summer, said Scott Petry, vice president of marketing at

“According to Cygnus, the company that performed the work, Linux
programs running on Intel hardware will run 30 to 40 percent faster
as a result. The improved software is in beta testing now and
should reach full distribution by the end of June, Petry said.”