Ettore Perazzoli/Ximian: Evolution 0.99 (Release Candidate 1) Released

From:   Ettore Perazzoli 
Subject:        Evolution 0.99 (Release Candidate 1) is out!
Date:   07 Nov 2001 20:13:42 -0500      

Yes, you read that right: the release candidate for Evolution 1.0 hit
the wires this evening.  After two years of hard work and more than
700 thousand lines of code written, the sleepless hackers at Ximian
are finally getting to the long-awaited 1.0 release of Evolution, the
GNOME groupware suite.

Evolution 0.99 is feature-complete for 1.0.  All user-visible text 
and user interface details are the same as they will be for version
1.0.  Barring the discovery of major bugs, this Release Candidate 
will become the 1.0 build.  All that stands between the this 
software and the title of "1.0" are thousands of users trying to 
find fault with the software.

Despite the impending 1.0 release, you shouldn't stop looking for
bugs.  If you find a problem, we want to know about it!  You can
submit a bug report at http://bugzilla.ximian.com or with the GNOME
Bug Report tool (Programs ->Utilities ->Bug Buddy).  Prizes will be
awarded to those reporting the nastiest and strangest bugs, and of
course for the greatest number of reports.

Every Thursday, developers and users of Evolution gather to find,
isolate, and destroy bugs.  To participate, open your IRC client and
visit the #evobugs channel, located on the irc.gnome.org/ server.
Ximian QA master Luis Villa will be in attendance between 9 AM and 9
PM Eastern Standard Time.


If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install this version by subscribing
to the Ximian GNOME channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get Software).

If you do not have Ximian GNOME installed, you can download Evolution
binaries from our FTP server at:


or visit our Source Code page at:


to get the latest source tarballs.


  - In this build only, Palm-OS sychronization is temporarily
    disabled.  It will return in the next release.
  - Under certain rare circumstances, IMAP connections over SSL can
    hang Evolution.  We expect to have this issue resolved shortly.



  - Fixed problems with icons not showing up in the assistants.  
    (Ettore, Anna)
  - Fixed some drag-and-drop bugs.  (Ettore)
  - Fixed some random crashes and made the shell more robust in case
    of activation problems or components crashing.  (Ettore)
  - Implemented a newer, prettier about box.  (Ettore)
  - Made sure the quit message always gets displayed.  (Ettore)
  - Made sure the shell doesn't allow folder names with slashes.
  - Made the folder selection and folder creation dialogs play better
    with the WM for out-of-proc components.  (Ettore)
  - Make sure components don't display dialogs before the shell
    windows are displayed.  (Ettore)
  - Fixed some problems with copying/transferring/renaming folders.
  - Made the pop-up folder bar have the expected size when popped up.


  - Fixed SMTP truncation, IMAP/SSL truncation/hangs when
    sending/appending messages.  (Jeff)
  - Implemented rename for imap/maildir folders.  Rename also tracked
    in vfolder and filter code.  Use rename for local folders when we
    can instead of copy/delete.  (Michael, Jeff)
  - Fixed startup wizard next page race bugs. (Michael)
  - Fixed toolbars vanishing. (Michael)
  - Made filter/vfolder on mailing lists honor domains, but also
    backward compatible.  (Michael)
  - Fixed the password coming up behind the main window.  (Michael,
  - Fixed numerous crash on startup/exit/while doing nothing/switching
    folder/components, many races and other architectural errors.
    (Michael, Jeff)
  - Bunch of vFolder fixes and feature completion. (Michael)
  - Added a 'index body' option to configure folder.  (Michael)
  - Fixed 'unread' counts, again.  (Michael)
  - Fixed some problems leaking file descriptors and overusing them
    when not necessary.  (Michael)
  - Implemented iconv() caching and Solaris friendly iconv name
    converter.  Made override display charset work in more cases.
    (Michael, Jeff)
  - Various untranslated buttons/menus and other translation issues
    fixed.  (Michael, Jeff)
  - Offline searching in IMAP. (Michael)
  - Don't warn the user if he drags a message and drops it in the same
    place.  (Jeff)
  - Fixed replying-to and forwarding messages with attachments to
    attach the appropriate attachments in the new message.  (Jeff, 
  - Don't allow the user to edit the default searches and keep all the
    search menus consistant accross all folders.  (Jeff)
  - Allow the user to drag-and-drop and/or move messages to the Trash
    folder.  (Jeff)
  - Various fixes to the filtering code.  (Jeff, Michael)
  - Make various dialogs non-modal.  (Jeff)
  - Fixes to POP3 UID caching so users can "leave mail on server" and
    not get duplicates.  (Jeff)
  - Fixes to IMAP caching code where servers support the UIDPLUS
    extension. Will also now un-cache a folder when the user deletes
    it from the IMAP server.  (Jeff)
  - Removed support for PGP 2.6.x due to security issues (pgp would
    always return 0 suggesting that the signature was valid even when
    it wasn't).  (Jeff)
  - "Whitespace-only" recipients are now ignored, rather than being
    flagged as invalid. (Trow)
  - Fixed bugs related to message searching: memory leak, i18n 
    problems, etc. (Trow)
  - We no longer leave stray windows lying around after doing the
    "Add Sender to Addressbook" operation. (Trow)
  - Bcc: headers are now shown when viewing drafts, sent mail. (Trow)
  - Lots and lots and lots of other little and not so little things.
    (Michael, Jeff, Dan, Trow)


  - General bug fixes.  (Everybody)
  - Printing fixes.  (Trow)
  - Fixed the dreaded "this should never happen" bug.  (Trow)
  - Plugged memory leaks.  (Trow)
  - Fixed use-score sort ordering when doing completion.  (Trow)
  - Fixed EAddressPopup race conditions.  (Trow)
  - Implemented transfer function for shell, so moving contact
    folders now works.  (Trow)
  - Fixed occasional completion flakiness.  (Trow)
  - Fixed contact count on folder bar.  (Trow)
  - Fixes for LDAP/multibook address completion.  (Toshok, Trow)
  - Added a "Do you want to save changes?" dialog to the contact 
    and contact list editors. (Toshok)
  - Fixed date (birthday and anniversary) handling for LDAP. (Toshok)
  - Fixed nasty LDAP modification bug. (Toshok)
  - Add a config setting (/Addressbook/default_book_uri) to specify 
    where vcards and email addresses from mail messages are stored as 
    contacts. (Toshok)
  - Fixed problem that arose in an earlier beta where some contacts
    couldn't be modified or deleted from local addressbook.
  - LDIF Importer.  (Toshok, Michael M. Morrison)
  - Fixed Memory Leaks.  (Trow)
  - Always show the correct message about the number of contacts on 
    the message bar.  (Trow)
  - Fixed printing of contacts.  (Trow)
  - Fixed the incredibly annoying bug which caused completed
    (underlined) contacts to spontaneously revert when edited.
  - Better event handling in minicard view.  (Chris Lahey)
  - Fixed Bold font in select names dialog.  (Chris Lahey)
  - Show error dialog if saving a contact to a file fails.  (Chris 
  - Handle carriage returns in any contact field properly.  (Chris 


  - Worked around gnome-vfs problems that were causing crashes.  
  - Set the defaults to be CNN and Boston (Ettore)
  - Move the location of the RDF file to be in a place that will 
    always exist.
  - Fixed numerous assorted bugs. (Trow, Iain)
  - Made the offline operation work correctly. (Iain)
  - Fixed a bug were the summary wouldn't retain settings if all 
    folders, or RDFs, or weather stations were removed. (Iain)

  - Made the pine importer work for multidepth mail folders. (Iain)


  - Underlined accelerators now work in the editor dialogs.  (Damon)
  - Many fixes for scheduling meetings.  (JP)
  - Status bar messages for long queries.  (Rodrigo)
  - Appointments with empty summaries are now deleted from the views.
    Also, you can press Escape to cancel editing.  (Federico)
  - The alarm daemon no longer displays "old" alarms twice. (Federico)
  - Alarms now handle timezones correctly.  (Federico)
  - Repeating alarms are now handled.  (Federico)
  - The alarm daemon is launched as soon as the calendar starts, not
    when you actually open a folder.  (Federico)
  - You can now set a default reminder to be added to new appointments
    .  (Federico)
  - Fixes for printing week views.  (Damon)
  - Tasks printout now matches the task list better.  (Damon)
  - Better handling of DATE values, as opposed to DATE-TIME ones.  
  - Many changes to handle the default timezone better.  (Damon)
  - Recurrence generation fixes.  (Damon)
  - Fixed merging of complete VCALENDAR components.  (Damon)
  - Fixes to the folder transfer functions.  (Ettore, Federico)
  - Tasks activation fixes.  (Damon)
  - Outlook interoperability fixes.  (Damon, JP)
  - Miscellaneous fixes to the event/task editors.  (Damon, JP, 
  - New iCalendar importer.  (Rodrigo)
  - Fixed problems introduced in Beta 6 due to the changes in the URI
    management functions.  (Rodrigo)
  - Prettier alarm notification dialog.  (Larry)
  - Session management for the alarm daemon.  (Federico)
  - Added activity bars for long calendar operations.  (Rodrigo)
  - Added iCal file importer.  (Rodrigo)
  - Show error dialogs on calendar failures.  (Rodrigo)


  - Addressbook phone numbers now preserved if they can't all be
    synced to desktop. (JP)
  - Sync addressbook phone numbers from non-english pilots. (JP)
  - Various memory leak fixes. (JP)
  - Handle multi-day calendar events (without recurrences). (JP)
  - Make sure task records are marked complete in every relevant 
    field. (JP)
  - Use new timezone stuff everywhere. (JP, Damon)
  - Translate task priorities better. (JP)

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