Every end is a new beginning (33 devs leave OpenOffice)

“Dear supporters of OpenOffice.org,

“the past days and weeks here in the project were marked by
sometimes heated discussions, about how we perceive the cooperation
in the project and how we make this more willing and able.
Unfortunately, this discussion has not always been objective,
problem- and goal-oriented, as it would have been desirable, but
sometimes very emotional.

“Cause of the discussions was the announcement of the
establishment of a foundation, with the goal to further the free
office suite and represent the community independent from
individual sponsors. This idea is almost as old as the
OpenOffice.org project itself and has been repeatedly discussed
within recent years.

“The OpenOffice.org project has grown considerably in its first
decade of existence. This growth was strongly promoted by the
support of the main sponsor, Sun and Oracle, by employing
developers and also through the provision and maintenance of the
technical platform.”

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