Evil3d.net: Linux Made Easy With easyLinux [Distribution Review]

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“With a name containing both “easy” and “Linux,” one can only
wonder what the real story is. Linux? Easy? Come on, how can that
be? Everyone knows Linux has a steep learning curve, right? In
steps easy Information Technology. Based in Germany, eIT dares to
counter these ideas by making the easiest Linux distribution

“…Sounds good so far, but how can they out do the likes of
Strom and Corel who also make the same claims?”

“With easyLinux, eL for short, being totally directed at the
Linux newbie community, my focus in this review will not be on how
up to date or advanced it is. Instead, the general focus will be on
how well it functions on a newbie level. Documentation, easy of
use, and installation will be some of the major topics