eWeek: My next three-year plan; Kylix to have a big impact

“Scarce talent will go where return on effort is highest. That’s
why it’s so important to see the arrival, finally, of Borland
Software’s Kylix, a Linux-based Object Pascal programming tool kit
similar to the company’s Delphi for Windows.”

“For the thousands of enterprise desktop devices that are
bought to run a single custom application
, such as order entry
or insurance claims processing, a tool like Kylix is the key
that opens enterprise doors to Linux in places other than the
server room. Windows on the desktop could quickly become a home and
small-business solution, while enterprises shun its high cost per

“Linux on handhelds is somewhat further off, I suspect, but
Visual Basic development skills can quickly be turned toward Palm
OS projects with AppForge’s AppForge Professional (due for release
Feb. 15). The future is here; let’s live it.”

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