Ext2: LxDoom 1.4.1 [Review]

[ Thanks to Lee Anderson
for this link. ]

You’d be right to ask why I would review a game that was
clearly outdated and worn, in an environment which has seen every
kind of shoot-em up available to mankind.
I have two things on
my mind to help cull this dwelling thought….”

“First off, Doom is a classic. Without Doom, John Carmack would
probably not have his elegant sport cars (how many cars does he
have now?) and he may not gone on to bring us the quake

“Secondly, I’m sentimentally attached. Out of all the shoot-em
ups I’ve tried and tested, it was their ancestor that still reigns
supreme on my boxes. We won’t go into the fact that it’s the only
one that will RUN on most of my machines, but for me Doom is still
the best.”