Fedora: A Hat with a History

“A short time later, the first Linux distros began appearing,
starting with MCC Interim, which gave rise to SLS, which in turn
was the grandparent to Slackware, the parent of numerous other
major distros, including Suse Linux, and the uber geek distro of
choice by many senior Linux users.

“Red Hat, the parent of Fedora, was a little late to the game,
as it didn’t get it’s official start until 1994. But just like
Slackware, it quickly became the parent of numerous other
distributions, including Caldera, Mandrake (later renamed to
Mandriva), Red Flag, and even CentOS.

“The original beta for Red Hat was released on July 29th, 1994.
The official 1.0 release came out in May of 1995, and was
interestingly enough, codenamed Mother’s Day. Whether or not it was
actually released on Mother’s Day is a subject of fierce debate,
but it is still an undeniably memorable achievement. The biggest
reason for this is that Red Hat 1.0 actually beat Microsoft’s
Windows 95 to market by almost 4 months, which is actually quite an
achievement, considering initial development of Red Hat started
after that for Windows 95.”


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