FFmpeg 4.4 Released with Hardware Accelerated AV1 Decoding, VDPAU Accelerated HEVC and VP9 Decoding

Dubbed “Rao,” FFmpeg 4.4 is here about ten months after FFmpeg 4.3 as a major release that introduces VDPAU accelerated HEVC 10bit and 12bit decoding, VDPAU accelerated VP9 10bit and 12bit decoding, DXVA2/D3D11VA hardware accelerated AV1 decoding, Intel QSV-accelerated AV1 decoding, NVDEC AV1 hardware accelerated decoding, as well as AV1 encoding support SVT-AV1 and AV1 monochrome encoding support via libaom 2.0.1 or higher.

New encoders are present in this release, including the ADPCM IMA Ubisoft APM encoder, Cineform HD encoder, ADPCM Argonaut Games encoder, RPZA video encoder, High Voltage Software ADPCM encoder, ADPCM IMA AMV encoder, SpeedHQ encoder, PFM encoder, OpenEXR image encoder, as well as TTML subtitle encoder and muxer.