Final Fedora 15 GNOME 3.0 Test Day this Thursday

[ Thanks to Adam Williamson for this link. ]

“Over the last few months, the Fedora project has run a
series of test events for the major new GNOME 3 release.

“The third and final GNOME 3 Test Day is coming up this
Thursday, 2011-04-21.

Now that the final GNOME 3.0 release has been made, this event
will focus on testing its integration into the upcoming Fedora 15
release and exposing any remaining bugs that can be fixed with
minor updates. This is a great opportunity to test out the final
GNOME 3.0 code on a late pre-release Fedora 15 base, and help the
Fedora and GNOME teams to produce a great release. There will be
live images available to make sure you can test easily and without
the need for a permanent installation – there’s no need to be a
Fedora user to help out.

There are comprehensive testing instructions on the Wiki
, and assistance from the Fedora QA and desktop teams in
#fedora-test-day on
Freenode IRC throughout the day (WebIRC
for those without an IRC client).