First GPL Release of onShore TimeSheet

30 March, 1999


onShore, Inc., a Chicago and New York based systems integrator and
software developer since 1991, released today a beta version of its
flagship product, onShore TimeSheet, as Free Software under the GNU
General Public License.  Available commercially since 1996, onShore
TimeSheet enables business to replace paper-based timesheets, manage
projects and provide sophisticated time reporting, lowering costs and
turn-around time.

onShore TimeSheet is available today as version 2.1 beta 1 at
<URL:http://www.onshore-timesheet.com/>. onShore TimeSheet was
developed for use with Perl, PostgreSQL and Apache, and is certified
for use with Linux and Solaris. Any company can deploy a complete
onShore TimeSheet application server without incurring software
licensing costs of any kind.

onShore TimeSheet is a comprehensive, web-based, multi-user
time-billing and project management tool. It supports approval,
email-enabled workflow facilitation, and provides an export capability
that can be used to integrate with third-party accounting systems.
Any company that provides time-based services, pays employees on an
hourly basis, or needs to track projects more closely will benefit
from using onShore TimeSheet. Graphic design, advertising,
accountants, and law firms are just some examples of businesses which
can immediately benefit from the built-in features of onShore

According to the technical manager of the project, Adam Di Carlo,
"We've been selling this software for 3 years now; it is currently
deployed at a number of clients. Yet onShore is essentially a service
and support company, not a software vendor. Losing the revenue from
licensing fees is a minimal loss, compared to the huge sector of
potential users which we weren't reaching when this software was
proprietary. Obviously, we're hoping that this software has wide
appeal, and leads to support contracts or integration work."

onShore offers a number of commercial support options with onShore
TimeSheet, ranging from bundled onShore TimeSheet Linux servers to
discounted support blocks.  onShore has been working with Linux in
production and testing environments since 0.99pl13.

If you would like to learn more about onShore's installation, support,
customization, or hardware bundled options, see our web site at
<URL:http://www.onshore-timesheet.com/>, or call an onShore sales
representative at 312-850-5200. For general inquiries about onShore
TimeSheet, contact Suzannah Martin at the above voice number.

onShore TimeSheet is a trademark of onShore, Inc.


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