First Look at Firefox Mobile 4

“Mozilla has publicized beta releases of the desktop version of
Firefox 4 since July, but mobile users can test out the next major
update to the mobile browser as well. Firefox 4 for Mobile is
officially at beta 1, with builds available for devices running
Android and Nokia’s Maemo operating system.

“The beta release was announced on October 7, along with a note
that from this release onward, Firefox for Mobile would use the
same version-numbering scheme as the desktop application, to avoid

“Mobile users are encouraged to grab the actual download from
their target devices, by visiting the short URL firefox.com/m/beta.
Those who are already running the existing Firefox for Mobile
client (version 1.1) should visit the download site with their
device’s system browser — and beware of data charges if
attempting the download over a mobile network; the browser package
weighs in at 12MB for Android and 13MB for Maemo. The package
expands to consume approximately 40MB of disk storage (although
Mozilla assures users it will eventually whittle that number down
by 50%)”

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