Flex Multi-List Selector using List Control, DataGrid, and the Accordion

[ Thanks to Ramsai
for this link. ]

“Flex offers many components that can help us build this
application. The controls I immediately consider for the job are
the List Control, DataGrid, and the Accordion (in combination with
the List). The List is the obvious control to start with because it
represents the data in the right way – a list of states, counties,
and cities. The reason I also considered the DataGrid and the
Accordion (with the List) is because the they both have a header. I
want an easy way to label the three columns/list
‘States’,’Counties’ and ‘Cities’. With that said, I selected the
Accordion with the List option. Using this option also allows for
future expansion of the tool. For instance, one could adapt the
tool to add country, then state, county, and city. The Accordion
naturally has this grouping capability.”

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