Flight Gear Version 0.57 released

Curtis L. Olson writes:

Flight Gear version 0.57 is now available.

The Flight Gear Flight Simulator project is a free, open-source,
multi-platform flight sim development project. Source code for the
entire project is available and licensed under the GPL.

For more information, please visit the Flight Gear web page


New in Version 0.57:

  • Converted to a simpler frame rate counting method.
  • Fixed the AOA reading on the HUD.
  • Removed gpc from the Lib section of distribution by request of
    the gpc Author. The gpc license is unfortunately not compatible
    with the GPL. I may look for an alternative library, or just
    require that developers download this library separately.
  • First slew of changes from the MacOS porting effort contributed
    by “Robert Puyol” <puyol@abvent.fr>.
  • Support for an arbitrary number of serial ports + additional
    serial port output tweaks.
  • Serial output tweaks to make things more robust and act more
    like a GPS.
  • Portability enhancements for Borland, Solaris, and SGI.
  • Some internal class renaming and reorganizations. fgFLIGHT
    becomes FGState. fgCONTROLS becomes FGControls.
  • Started work on an “external” flight model so the sim can be
    driven from external input (serial port, network, file, etc.)
  • Fixed a problem that creeped in with setting the initial
    startup altitude. This could cause an unrecoverable bounce and
    you’d end up flipped on your back. Should be fixed now.
  • Sun now appears to grow in size as it gets very low in the
  • Fixed a view frustum culling bug where the scene was not
    accurately culled when your view was anything other than straight

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