Flight Gear Version 0.6.1 released

Curtis L. Olson writes:

Flight Gear version 0.6.1 is now available.
USA Scenery version 0.3 is now available.

The Flight Gear Flight Simulator project is a free, open-source,
multi-platform flight sim development project. Source code for the
entire project is available and licensed under the GPL.

For more information, please visit the Flight Gear web page


Version 0.6.1 is mainly a bug fix release aimed at stabalizing
the 0.6.x code branch. A 0.7.x code branch has been created for all
new development.

New in USA Scenery version 0.3

  • Added urban areas.
  • Many problems introduced by slivers have been resolved by
    identifying and eliminating polygon slivers.

New in Source version 0.6.1

  • More MacOS portability fixes.
  • More Borland C++ fixes.
  • More IRIX fixes.
  • Fixed a bug in handling windows drive letter, colon “C:”
  • Minor tweaks to the Astro sub section contributed by Durk
  • GUI updates contributed by Norman Vine.
  • Fixed a problem with ambiguous constructors in the fgText
  • Updates to JSBsim contributed by Jon Berndt.
  • Created a tile load queue so that we only load one tile per
    frame. This isn’t entirely satisfactory, but it replaces the one
    big pause when crossing a tile boundary with several shorter
  • Fixed bug with passing PUI keystrokes on to glut.
  • Fixed a bug in tilecache size which caused occasional tiles to
    drop out when more than one row is scheduled “simultaneously”.
  • Changes to scenery building tools to handle sliver detection
    and resolution.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs in the scenery creation
  • Added urban area support to scenery creation tools.
  • Made the parallel scenery building tools a bit more robust if a
    requested client machine happens to be offline by pinging it first
    to see if it is alive.
  • Added support for libgpc’s new hole tracking interface.
  • Tony Peden contributed a c172 flight model replacement for the
    Navion. Still needs to be debugged a bit before it is usable.