Flight Gear version 0.7.1 is now available for download

The Flight Gear Flight Simulator project is a free, open-source,
multi-platform flight simulator development project. Source code
for the entire project is available and licensed under the GPL.

For more information, please visit the Flight Gear web page


Version 0.7.1 is the latest development release

New in 0.7.1

  • Nifty cloud layer. This isn’t quite like Fly!’s 3d clouds, but
    it’s a nice start and barely impacts frame rates.
  • Default to Christian Mayer’s new weather system. As the weather
    database system develops we should be able to incorporate
    sophisticated weather modeling into the simulator.
  • Added routines to do screen printing (win32) contributed by
    Mark Vallevand.
  • Added routines to do screen shots to ppm graphics file (all
    platforms) contributed Rich Kaszeta.
  • Added a magic carpet (aka slew) mode.
  • Added a hot air balloon simulator mode. (alpha)
  • Added a simple (direct lincage) autocoordation feature.
  • Added a mode to control view (side to side and up and down)
    with the mouse.
  • Fixed a DEM decoding problem which caused most of the terrain
    to be 256 meter too high (and regenerated the world scenery with
    proper elevations.)
  • Updates to JSBsim (our future generic flight modeling
  • Added support for a pilot view offset from the center of
  • Various platform portability fixes.
  • Updated time-offset/syncing command line options.
  • Updated the FDM <==> Flight Gear interface to be more
    object oriented. This should hopefully pave the way for being able
    to simulate several concurrent entities.
  • Removed unimplemented menu entries.
  • Various scenery tools changes and enhancements in preparation
    for adding runways (hopefully for the next release.)



Curtis Olson
University of MN, ME Dept.
Flight Gear Project
Twin Cities
[email protected]
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