? for human beings (aka Shuttleworth’s own review of Ubuntu 12.04)

“For the first time with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, real desktop user
experience innovation is available on a full production-ready
enterprise-certified free software platform, free of charge, well
before it shows up in Windows or MacOS….

It?s not ?job done? by any means, but it?s a milestone.
Achieving that milestone has tested the courage and commitment of
the Ubuntu community ? we had to move from being followers and
integrators, to being designers and shapers of the platform,
together with upstreams who are excited to be part of that shift
and passionate about bringing goodness to a wide audience. It?s
right for us to design experiences and help upstreams get those
experiences to be amazing, because we are closest to the user; we
are the last mile, the last to touch the code, and the first to get
the bug report or feedback from most users.


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