Free Software Magazine: Why Do Companies Outsource? (Part 1)

“The crusty old geek with 30 years of experience can’t get a
word in as Adam, the 19 year old hot-shot system administrator,
tells everyone how to do their jobs. ‘Your opinion really doesn’t
matter, dude, you’re like old,’ he says, as he adjusts his Linux
World t-shirt. As BrokenToothpicks.Com stock soars to $300 a share
and its 24 year old high school dropout CEO lashes out against the
‘old way of doing things,’ Adam just might be right. People start
to listen to these new brainiacs and Dot Com Rockstars who can do
no wrong. Adam thinks he’s God. How can he not? He’s making money
hand over fist and plans to retire to a private island just as soon
as his options vest. Everyone else must just be an idiot–I mean,
come on, how can they work for so long and STILL drive a used
Subaru. Adam is the reason that houses are unaffordable, the stock
market crashed, unemployment is high, and the bread you bought just
the other day has already gone bad…”

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