Freshmeat: Critique of Where Perl 6 is Heading

“The design of Perl 6 is progressively laid out in the Perl 6
Apocalypses which are written by Larry Wall (the original creator
and designer of Perl versions 1 through 5), and exemplified in the
Exegeses by Damian Conway and others. There’s a more progressive
design which has been shared among the members of the
perl6-language Mailing List, but hasn’t been formulated into a
specification yet, and/or has not finally been decided upon by

“It is evident from the Apocalypses and Exegeses that Perl 6
will break compatibility with Perl 5 in many ways (usually
deliberately). Furthermore, it incorporates a lot of features and
paradigms from different languages that are not common in most
languages in common use today…”