Freshmeat: Protecting Your Career

“Ed Sawicki (a professional instructor/lecturer who has used
NetWare and NT since their beginnings and Unix since 1982) comments
on the state of Open Source software in the corporate world of NT
and NetWare. He’s also used Coherent, QNX, Linux and *BSD. An
assembler is his favorite programming tool. He’s an open source
advocate and a frequent critic of the existing computer
establishment. He is the president of the Accelerated Learning

From time to time, people ask me if there is objective
information that compares NT, Linux and NetWare. The requests
usually come from people in organizations that are converting from
one of the operating systems to the other and want the information
for one of two purposes.

  1. To understand why the change is for the better.
  2. To try to convince management that the change is a