Gameduino is a DIY, Open Source Game Platform Built on Arduino That’s Ridiculously Awesome

“Gameduino is a DIY game platform built on a shield for the
Arduino. It’s open source hardware (BSD and, for the code, GPL).
Okay, that’s fairly cool. But what makes this project special is
that this inexpensive board (a $50 donation buys you one) has
hardware that’s capable enough to be interesting, as seen in the

“We’re talking smooth-scrolling 8-bit graphics and full 12-bit
stereo sound synthesis, 512×512-pixel backgrounds, hundreds
of sprites… check out the specs:

video output is 400×300 pixels in 512 colors
all color processed internally at 15-bit precision compatible with
any standard VGA monitor (800×600 @ 72Hz)
512×512 pixel character background”

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