Games Weekly: Myth 2 for Linux Reviewed

“We admit it — Linux gaming is for real. There are a few good
commercial game titles out for Linux, although most of them have
been first-person shooters, namely Quake, Quake II and Q3Test, and
ports of the Kingpin client and the original Heretic. We?ve also
seen a solid turn-based strategy title, Civilization: Call To
Power, which was released almost concurrently with the Windows
version by Loki Entertainment Software. At LinuxWorld Expo in
Mid-August in San Jose, Loki released the very first real-time
strategy game for Linux, Myth 2: Soulblighter. And oh what a
release it is!”

“One of the things we like about Myth 2:Soulblighter for Linux
is that it has a graphical based setup program – finally, a Linux
developer figured out that GUI installation programs are a good
thing. No shell scripts, no weird commands – just pop the CD into
the drive, mount the CDROM, and run the ‘setup’ program on the root
of the CD. The program automatically detects whether you have a
Pentium or PowerPC (for those people running Linux on a Mac