Games Weekly: Q3A Test 1.07 Linux

“Linux is only just starting to prove itself as a gaming
platform, but with the introduction of such titles as Quake: The
offering, Quake II and Civilization: Call to Power, its evident now
that Linux has the potential to rank right up with Windows 98 in
terms of game quality. However, it will be ID Software’s Quake III:
Arena (Q3A) that will totally put Linux on equal footing with
Windows in terms of gaming technology.”

“While Q3A or its official demo isn’t due out for some time, ID
software has released a ‘test’ to the Internet that demonstrates
Q3A’s upcoming technology and allows you to get addicted to the
game even before it comes out on the market. While Quake, Quake 2
and its copycats focused on level-based single-player missions, Q3A
will focus entirely on deathmatching and thus the test version only
allows allows for Internet play. In the release version of the
game, single play mode will match you against ‘bots’ (AI players)
in futuristic gladiatorial combat as opposed to fighting your way
through levels of monsters in the previous games.”