Games Weekly: Review Section — Quake on Linux

“… for those of you gamers and PC hobbyists that don’t know
what Linux is, allow me to introduce you to the hottest and and
fastest growing user base in the computer industry.”

“Getting Quake to run on Linux is a battle not entirely unlike
playing Quake itself. If you’ve actually managed to install your
Linux distribution and get the base OS up and running from the
installation CD (we tested the game using RedHat Linux 6.0), you’ve
only hit the tip of the iceberg.”

“Once you’ve got your sound board working and the hardware
accelerated version of GLQuake running (obviously no mean feat)
you’ll find that the Linux version of Quake looks, sounds and plays
exactly like the Windows version (surprise).”

“If you’re a gamer that has an interest in Linux, Quake is
certainly one of the best ways to introduce you to this great OS
and is one of the best games for Linux currently available. But
you’ve been forewarned – getting it up and running can be a
challenge, and there’s nothing new to the game unless you haven’t
played with the mission packs on Windows.”