GamesMania: Dusk Delivers on MUD Traditions

[ Thanks to Lee
for this link. ]

“Role-playing games and multi-user dungeons are considered by
many to be the grass roots of online gaming. The addictive gameplay
and encapsulating atmosphere that has entertained ‘net players for
years is now attracting a new breed of gaming enthusiast. I decided
to catch up on the role-playing adventures that have helped create
the exciting massively multiplayer genre through a graphical
multi-user dungeon known as Dusk.”

“Dusk is an open source title and unlike most recent
massively multiplayer titles, there aren’t any subscription fees to
play. Tom Weingarten, inspired by a love of text multi-user
dungeons, decided to create his own on-line world that combined the
best elements of the entertaining MUD genre with an easy-to-use
graphical display – something that has been hard to come by in the
MUD community.
The achievements that Weingarten has
accomplished with Dusk are a testament to the multi-user dungeon
scene with an exciting proliferation of the seductive and involving
gameplay that has made the genre so popular.”

“Starting up a game is as easy as opening your web browser and
pointing it to the Dusk homepage. There are a number of different
Dusk worlds to choose from including Original Dusk, Sluggy Dusk and
New Dusk, plus several others that are hosted on other servers.
Although I’ve played Original Dusk extensively, I recommend new
players to the New Dusk world as it offers the most refined and
balanced gameplay in the series.”


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