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Games and Linux, two subjects which everyone at least has
an opinion on, but at the most recent Linux World Expo there was
more than an opinion on display and more than just empty
While the Linux on the desktop is still something
that many pundits tout as a weakness of the fledgling OS, it is
certainly something that has seen great attention paid to it and
received great improvements over the past year.”

“The story this year at Linux Expo was that Linux companies are
no longer forced to apologize for inadequacies and merely point to
potential?at least in the enterprise arena. The desktop space is
still another matter however. The desktop was still an area where
apologies were heard and excuses made. This is not to be a negative
thing, but rather to show you where the desktop still lays in
comparison to servers in this grand and booming Linux

“The story between Loki and Indrema continues to evolve as
Indrema demoed Quake 3: Arena on the mock-up of the Indrema IES
console. Though this was initially misleading, as currently there
is no official announcement of Quake 3: Arena for the IES, I was
informed that the demo was designed to give visitors to the booth a
look at what playing games on a system connected to an HDTV might
look like. This was an interesting demo, but since there was no
actual prototype available in either hardware or software it is
Hard to convey an accurate impression of how impressive the IES
will be from what they demonstrated.”