GameSpy: Linux Gaming: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Operating system historians will record the year 2000 as
the year that Linux gaming began to become a serious prospect for
both gamers and developers.
While many things still need to be
resolved for Linux gaming to seriously compete with Windows gaming,
companies such as Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSe, nVidia, 3Dfx, Loki,
Vicarious Visions, Tribsoft, Hyperion Entertainment , and thousands
of programmers working on projects such as KDE, Gnome, and Xfree86
have begun to make gaming in Linux gaming a more mainstream
concept. Through the efforts of corporate investors and individual
netizans, the Linux gaming market experienced tremendous
improvements in all areas last year and the year 2001 looks even

“While there have been amazing improvements, Linux gaming is
still not a real proposition for mainstream hardcore gamers who
want to stay on the bleeding edge, unless they are willing to put
up with occasional incompatibilities, a lack of standards, and a
regular routine of downloading and recompiling bits and pieces of
their system each time someone fixes or improves something.”

“The path to creating a game friendly operating system is not an
easy one, but Linux is far closer to the goal of a fast, stable,
user-friendly operating system now, than it has ever been before.
Several important things helped to illustrate that progress last


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