GartnerGroup: Corel and Inprise Merge Into a Linux Vendor

Corel continues to transform itself into an independent
software vendor of Linux. Its acquisition of Inprise may offer
real-world competitive advantages to further this

“GartnerGroup believes that long-term strategic value from this
acquisition will be solely gained by synergy created by combined
efforts of Corel and Inprise. Given the radically different market
focuses of each company, the only common thread we find with which
to weave such synergy is Linux. In fact, the new company has
described itself as a “Linux powerhouse,” with Corel focusing on
front-office applications and Inprise focusing on AD tools and
middleware (see Note 2). Corel has indicated that it will also
focus new efforts around Web-based environments, including wireless
and mobile computing and Internet appliances….”

“Inprise supports Linux versions of its Visibroker 4.0 CORBA
ORB, its Inprise Application Server and its JBuilder Java
development tool kit. Inprise is currently beta-testing its
InterBase 6 database for Linux as an open-source project. Moreover,
the company provides a Java just-in-time compiler and has
codeveloped (along with Sun and Blackdown.org) a Linux port of
Sun’s JDK 1.2. Furthermore, Inprise has announced it will introduce
a rapid AD toolset (code-named Kylix) for Linux by mid-2000.
Inprise’s focus on Linux has grown over the last year to focus much
of the spotlight away from its traditional markets.”

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