Geeknews.org: SPIRO Linux RC2 Review

[ Thanks to Mike
for this link. ]

Most of you are probably saying: “SPIRO Linux? I have never
heard of it”. Well, you probably will soon.
I met the head
developer of SPIRO Linux, Rick Collette, in about October when he
asked us to post news about SPIRO Linux being available for beta
testers. I grabbed myself a copy and tried it out and emailed Rick
to give me him thoughts on their release candidate. He was nice
enough to email me back and offer me a copy of a more stable/closer
to shipping beta copy for the purposes of review if I wanted. I was
more than happy to take him up on his offer. In fact, we have an
upcoming interview with Rick Collette. I figured I would post my
review of SPIRO Linux before the interview so you guys could get a
sense of it before you read the interview.”

“If you have installed Linux before, be it Red Hat, SuSE or
whatever, you will most likely be familiar with the basics of how
an install goes, but I wanted to look at each step of the
distribution installation so I could (a) show you what it looked
like, and (b) for any beginning Linux users who are either looking
for a distribution to try or want to change their current one, I
did not want to gloss over the importance of being familiar with
the individual steps of an installation process in making the
decision to try out a distribution….”

“SPIRO Linux is based on Red Hat 6.0…I simply booted off the
CD Rick sent me to start the installer. Immediately I entered into
the X-based graphical installer for SPIRO Linux….”