Get a $300 Drone and Fly It Using Ubuntu

[ Thanks to Dart for
this link. ]

“Love Drones and Helicopters that you can fly from your
garden or rooftop from a remote control? Got Ubuntu? You are in for
a treat.

“Parrot AR. Drone is a Linux based quadricopter that comes with
an on-board wifi system that can be used for remote flight control.
It is also equipped with two cameras for remote view and are useful
for creating Augmented Reality games. The quadricopter is quite
popular and many of you may already know about this.

“AR. Drone already works with iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and the
developers offer an open source API and SDK that includes a flight
control program. So you can fly the drone using a joystick or game
pad if you can compile it on Ubuntu.

“Oregonbob from Ubuntu Forums has been successful in compiling
an example control on Ubuntu and it works great on his system “

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