Git 2.6 Release Notes

Updates since v2.5

UI, Workflows & Features

 * An asterisk as a substring (as opposed to the entirety) of a path
   component for both side of a refspec, e.g.
   "refs/heads/o*:refs/remotes/heads/i*", is now allowed.

 * New userdiff pattern definition for fountain screenwriting markup
   format has been added.

 * "git log" and friends learned a new "--date=format:..." option to
   format timestamps using system's strftime(3).

 * "git fast-import" learned to respond to the get-mark command via
   its cat-blob-fd interface.

 * "git rebase -i" learned "drop commit-object-name subject" command
   as another way to skip replaying of a commit.

 * A new configuration variable can enable "--follow" automatically
   when "git log" is run with one pathspec argument.

 * "git status" learned to show a more detailed information regarding
   the "rebase -i" session in progress.