Give outlining a try: Now, Fargo is open source

I’ve read Scripting News for years—since roughly 1998, I’d say. For reference, that was the year Google really came on the scene. But, more importantly, that was when I discovered Userland Frontier and the joys of using outlines for content authoring and content management.

Userland Frontier was an object-based (outline-based?) scripting environment that moonlighted as a content management system. Or, perhaps it was a scriptable content management system. Or, perhaps it was an outliner, and it grew into a content management system that you could script. I’m sure someone out there will have an opinion or definition that’s more accurate, but I think that the outliner freaks in the audience will all agree that it was an impressive outlining and (ultimately) web publishing system. (I don’t know if it was as good an outliner as MORE, but my goal isn’t to start an outliner-flame-war here…)