Gizmodo: Gates Interview Part Four: Communists and DRM

“Gizmodo: When you talked to CNet (I believe that was
yesterday), you sort of ticked off some of the blog world with some
of the comments… a specific comment that was made, about some of
the IP advocates—people that are advocating more… not
necessarily open source, but Creative Commons and things like that.
A less restrictive IP environment. You made an analogy and called
them ‘communist…’

“Gates: No, no, no. I didn’t say those people were ‘communists.’
I did say that they’re… The question is: what incentive systems
should exist in the world? Call ‘communism’ a system where [in] the
extreme case you believe that the idea of the individual getting
lots of wealth in return for the things they do… that that’s

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