Globe and Mail: Breaking up is hard to do

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for this link. ]

“With Microsoft’s conviction on anti-trust charges this week,
many observers might expect that software companies such as
Ottawa-based Corel Corp. would be clamoring for the breakup of the
software giant. This is the view that has been gaining currency in
the recent swirl of media and analyst coverage following Monday’s

“But what would such a breakup accomplish? Corel has long been a
competitor of Bill Gates’ creation. We have also been his partner
— Corel licenses technology from Microsoft and it licenses content
from us. We have experienced the challenges and benefits of doing
business in a world dominated by Microsoft. To break the
company up into a collection of “Baby Bills”, would only serve to
multiply the problem — not address the fundamental issue.
fact, I believe that such a remedy would be a mistake.”

“If the U.S. Department of Justice truly wants to foster
competition, there are other more effective solutions it should
consider. …”

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