gmc 4.5.22 released

Miguel de Icaza

   New version of the GNU Midnight Commander is out.  This version

* Custom layout works

        - Owen wrote a configuration dialog to let you customize the
          file listing format.

* Improved dialog boxes

        - Owen hacked a nice dialog box for the query-recursive option. 

* Desktop Devices:

        - Should find all of your devices now
        - Should open the right device now
        - Should use the right icon now

* Panel b3 options

        - now it has a create new folder popup entry

* Running applications

        - Now you can set in a per-program basis whether the program
          needs to be ran inside a terminal or not.

* Bug fixes

        - Internal viewer no longer jumps when scrolling
        - Tearoff menus will do the right thing now.
        - Find file command works.

* Artwork

        - We now include an icon for photoshop files (Tigert, again :-)

As usual, you can get this from: