GNOME 0.99.3 is released

From Miguel de Icaza:

          GNOME 0.99.3 "Profiling Bonobo" has been released

Hello guys,

   The GNOME 0.99.3 distribution (the Profiling Bonobo release) has
been released and it is available for download.  

* Location

   You can get the GNOME 0.99.3 distribution from:


The following packages have been released:


   Mirrors should pick it up soon.

   You need at least version 1.1.12 of GTK+ and glib for Profiling
Bonobo, you can fetch these from:


   The new version has support for the new Dynamic Imlib (Imlib 1.9),
you can fetch this version of Imlib from:


* CVS information

   The GNOME 0.99.3 released modules have been tagged on CVS with
the GNOME_0_99_3 tag.

* What is new in this version:

        - Many bug fixes reported with version 0.99.2

        - Removed dead or unused code.

        - Many portability fixes have been installed, should compile
          out of the box on IRIX, Solaris and HP-UX now.

        - Nat Friedman and George Lebl spent a couple of days
          standarizing the menus of the GNOME applications.  

In the libraries:

        - Speed ups, API exportation to speed up file manager
          bootstrap on NFS $HOMEs.

        - Gnome Name Server uses one meg less of memory.

        - Various memory leak fixes, various memory saving fixes.

        - More API entry points documented.  

        - Updated the GNOME suggestions document for writing
          consistent GNOME applications (Nat and George did a great

        - Reduced memory saving by not loading music samples (only
          applies if you compile GNOME with sound support).

        - Updated the session management code (gnome_client_get_flags)

In gnome-core:

        - Dead applets: Old battery monitor; bussign. 

        - GNOME terminal allows for setting the title from the command
          line. Saves the session in character instead of pixels.

        - Panel: Many bug fixes, many memory leaks fixes.

In the file manager:

        - Improved startup time:

                - Metadata locking is now donw in a block of
                  operations (this needs the new gnome-libs 0.99.3).

                - Tree cache.  The contents of the tree are now